What Is Goat Math?

Steel Raven Farms

Goat math is an all or nothing thing type of math, because it is 100% controllable.

Goat math happens because you are aiming for a goal like, only drinking goat milk or eating goat cheese.

Well, you have to breed to get milk! So now, you have a couple goat kids. 

Then you want to keep one, then another, and another and BAM you've got 20 goats!

There are several ways to not be a victim of goat math:

1. Never buy a buck 2. Never buy a doe 3. Probably best to never buy a goat, at all. 4. Don't breed.

Now, that I have my established herd of does, I usually only retain one or two does every year.

Remember, you will always struggle with goat math

But remember, just because you've made plans and decisions, doesn't mean that you won't have brushes with goat math and watch those plans go right out the window.