What Is Chicken Math?

Steel Raven Farms

Chicken math is a legit phenomenon that every single chicken owner deals with.

It starts out as a couple of chickens and ends with an unknown number of chickens and you answering, "I have no idea how many chickens I have." That's Chicken Math.

It's actually pretty simple to fall victim to chicken math. It starts with your first box of chickens.

You brood them inside and fall in love with them.

Then you have some die on you, or maybe all but one. Then you decide that you need a few more to meet your egg needs. So you order another box of chickens.

Then you realize that you can get different colored eggs! You want the blue, green or pink eggs.

Or better yet, you decide that you are going to get the Copper Marans that lay deep chocolate colored eggs.

You go to Tractor Supply to get feed and see that they have chicks and you decide you HAVE to have them. Only to realize that 60% of them are all roosters.

Now your feed bill is now several hundred dollars a month and you're trying to figure out exactly how that happened.

My chickens are not pets. They have one purpose....Okay, they have several but at the end of the day, their purpose is to give us food.

That could be in the form of eggs or meat. If they aren't doing that, they have to go.