Spring To Do List

Spring chores can be a never ending cycle on a homestead

On Steel Raven Farms chores look like kidding season, seed starting, and garden prep

On your homestead it will probably look a bit different.

But organizing your spring to do list is important to making sure you stay on track with your homestead goals.

This year, we are laying the ground work for a CSA. That means hundreds of plant starts in the new greenhouse.

But it also includes making sure that all the animals are ready for kidding season and egg production.

Every year, we try for 10-15 chicks to refresh our flock. As well as raising our meat chickens.

One of the big projects this year is the big garden facelift. It increases our garden space by 3750 sq ft

When it comes to your homestead, always remember, start small and grow big. Not  the other way around.