To do lists can be overwhelming. But when you take bite size chunks out of it, you can hit your goals. But the spring to do list on a homestead? It seems insermountable 

Our to do lists are ALWAYS broken down into 4 categories: -Garden -Livestock -Poultry -Clean/ Organize

Spring Livestock Chores -Kidding Season -Cleaning Out Goat Barn -Building Pens

Poultry Chores: -15 new laying hens -Meat Chickens -Coop Clean out

Cleaning and Organizing - Taking the pile to the dump -Deep clean the house -Clean the Greenhouse

We all know the power of creating a list and marking things off it.  But sometimes it feels overwhelming.

To keep the overwhelm in check, we need to make sure we create the list to have plenty of bite sized chunks.

Bite size chunks create easy wins and motivation to continue, even when it's hard. So keep your list with the easy and hard things and get to marking off!