Is 5 Acres Enough To Homestead?

Steel Raven Farms

Before you can answer the question of if 5 acres if enough, first you need to ask a bunch of questions. 

Do you want to be totally self sufficient? Is this a hobby? Are you supplementing your income? Why do you want to homestead?

When you can answer those questions you can start crafting your goals. 

Most people only need a 200 sq ft per person garden to feed themselves for a year. 

That's not really a ton of space when you are talking about having 5 acres.

Livestock can take up more space, time and money on the homestead.  So be careful adding them.

Keep your projects small until you get a handle on what you are doing. 

As you get more comfortable and confident, add more to the homestead. But aways remember, homesteading is a spirit, not land. 

Homesteading on 5 acres or less is totally doable, but I will say it again and again. Set your goals, prioritize them, and get your plan in motion.