How much do chickens cost?  A Lot!

Steel Raven Farms

You're interested in getting some chickens? I warn you, you will become a victim of chicken math if your not careful.

Before I start in about livestock I will remind you that you should not get ANY livestock, including chickens until you have a garden set up

Let's start with the coop. A decent middle of the road coop shouldn't cost you much more than $500.

Feeders, waterers, buckets, and feed will all depend on your location but should run you about $100.

Usually, you can get chicks for about $3-7 each. This is going to depend on your breed and if you get straight run.

You will end up spending at least $1200-$2000 before you ever get that first egg. That's if you do it "right".

The biggest problem about getting chicks is not falling victim to chicken math.  Click next to see my tip for chicken math.

Get a chicken coop that will only fit so many chickens. Then making the decision, and sticking to it, that you will only have THIS many chickens.