Follow Our Greenhouse Build

We started with about 50-60 windows in various sizes.

Jared made sure to square up the foundation and the bucks confirmed it with him.

Then Jared placed the posts with Fenrir cooling of in the shade.

Next, Jared built the deck and placed the headers.

Then painting day came! We decided to paint the greenhouse black to attract heat.... and because I wanted to. 

The bucks did another inspection to ensure Jared was keeping everything to code.

Now to work on window placement. I did not want everything to be neat and tidy. So Jared gave me the chaos I so love.

Poor Jared had to get creative with window placement while overcoming his OCD.

All the decks are on, windows are in, and now we deal with the mile long punch list. Things like painting, touch ups, etc.

Now, we wait for February to start planting!