Cons Of Raising Chickens

You may be surprised to know that there are some cons to raising chickens. 

One of the biggest cons to raising chickens is chicken math! When you are drowning in chickens? It can be a problem

Chicken math is when you start out with a handful of chickens, and end up with 100.... and no one really knows how.

Another con to chickens is that they are flight risks and can fly and climb out of runs, tractors and other containment.

If you don't keep chickens out of the garden, they will decimate entire crops in one go. 

They will poop EVERYWHERE! Seriously, they will get out of confinement and find their favorite spot to bed down and the next morning? Poop central

But there are some good things about chickens. Like eggs, free labor, and a significant lack of fleas and ticks!

While I am not a fan of these creatures, there are plenty of people who are. And they manage the chickens crazy like a pro... I am not that!