How To Build A Homestead

Building a homestead or farm is a marathon, not a sprint. Everything you do should be pushing towards a successful homestead. 

To figure out how to build a successful homestead, first you need to define what a successful homestead looks like to YOU!

Don't look to social media or content creators to dictate how YOUR farm should look or operate. Instead, look at what you want to do for your homestead.

Some ideas for defining a successful homestead:

-Growing 75% of your food -Practicing no till to grow food - Only using chemicals as a last ditch effort -Farm supports itself financially.

While defining a successful homestead, it is okay to move the goal post of success if you find your ideals changing.

One example of moving the goal post? We realized that growing food wasn't as easy as we thought, so instead of growing 75% of our food within 3 years was pushed to 5 years.

Every decision you make should be around your goals. Going $50,000 into debt on a tractor when your goal is debt free is not a decision made around your goals.

Tracking your decisions and expenses should be a priority when defining a successful homestead. 

Building a homestead is more about goal setting, planning and then getting to work than most people realize.