365 Garden Journal Prompts For Your Garden Journal

Garden journal prompts are the best way to not only track your gardens, but also be more present and mindful.

Garden journals are important to your gardens because it helps you track what does well, what varieties you love and how well your garden did that year. 

Gardening and journaling are both HUGE when it comes to your mental health. But when you put the two together? You could have huge strides in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Even if you don't have space for huge gardens, you can still journal about house plants, flowers, or other container gardens.

After a while, it can become more difficult to figure out things to write about. That's where journal prompts come in.

Garden journal prompts encourage you to become more involved in the process of gardening. Whether it is picking out seeds or talking about irrigation or watering. 

There are a ton of journal prompt services out there that can help you get past the writers block that occurs with journaling. 

Pick a service that you think you will enjoy! This could be an automated service or a purchased PDF that gives you a set amount of prompts. 

No matter what prompts you use, make sure you get out in the garden and hang out with nature.